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 Susan Lee, in the book "The Dancer" dubbed it.....

The Dancer's Prayer

Giver of life, Creator of all that is lovely,
Teach me to sing the words of your song;
I want to feel the music of living
And not fear the sad songs,
But from them make new songs
Composed of both laughter and tears.

Teach me to dance to the sounds of your
world and your people,
I want to move in rhythm with your plan;
Help me to try to follow your leading,
To risk even falling,
To rise and keep trying
Because you are leading the dance.

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Are All Studios the Same?

Here are the reasons why the
RimView Dance Studio is the right choice!

A professional teacher for every dance class.
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Classes that begin at age three which encourage little ones to use their energy and curiosity to begin building strong muscles, coordination, and motor skills through music and gymnastics.  


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Combination dance classes to give our students a well-rounded dance education with experience in the different dance styles without paying for several different classes.

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Daily updates to keep you well-informed of all studio information.

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A complete costume package is presented to all students. These packages include all accessories and costume pieces. In this way, parents do not have to seek out additional stores for any additional items.  


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A Designated Mother(s) in the classroom(s) for all ages 3 -12 years.
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All dance music is appropriate and clean.
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All costumes are appropriate with no revealing skin.

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A dance Hotline is available for all performance dates in order to keep parents informed of any changes.

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Choosing A Studio


If most dance studios in the area have been teaching children for several years and have a big show at the end, aren't they all pretty much the same? Does it really matter in which place you decide to enroll?  Yes, there are four main things that can make a huge difference in the quality of instruction your child receives; the amount of extra work and hassles with which the parents must deal; and the overall enjoyment and satisfaction of being involved with a dance program.  Here are the four things that every parent should consider before deciding on a dance studio for their child.

1. When does the actual dance training begin?

Dance teachers have always been divided on when children should begin dance training.

Many studios believe that actual dance technique cannot be taught to children under the age of  nine.  However, some studios believe that dance technique can be taught as early as age three.  Dance is a very basic human reaction to rhythm, music, and imagination.  Different studios offer different classes that are all called dance or rhythm and movement for young children.  A parent needs to know if their child's dance class will be teaching dance technique such as positions of the feet for ballet, turns for jazz, and shuffle steps for tap - or - if their child's class will be a rhythm and movement class exploring the child's individual freedom of expression when music is played.

The RimView Dance Studio believes dance training can begin as young as age three if taught by a professional instructor with age appropriate technique and routines.  A professional instructor can tailor dance instruction to any age, child or adult.

2. What type of dance program is offered for my child?

This is a very important question for parents to ask if their child is just starting their studio training. Often, it is hard for parents and young dancers to pick which style of dance they think they would enjoy if children have never engaged in this art form.

Finding a studio that offers a combination class for beginners will allow your child to try all the basic styles in one class.  The RimView Dance Studio offers combinations classes that divide its time into two or more instruction periods while touching on different basic dance styles.  This type of class will give the beginner dancers the experience they need to choose their favorite style for future dance classes. This opportunity give the dancers a chance to experience different dance styles with out having to sign-up and pay for several different classes. What a wonderful way for children to explore dance.

3. Who will be teaching my child's class?

It is important to know who you are paying to teach your child.  All classes are taught by Miss Lynda who has a BFA in dance. The younger classes are assisted by advanced students.  A professional instructor will provide a strong foundation through class training so that dancers of all ages will continue to grow in their skills and technique.

4. How many trips will parents have to make to the dance studio each week?

Parents today juggle many different schedules to accommodate lessons and events that are a part of their everyday family life.  If a dancer needs to be at the dance studio every night of the week, this can be inconvenient and frustrating for parents.

The RimView Dance Studio schedules classes so that many age groups can attend multiple classes on the same night of the week.  This eliminates multiple trips to the studio for parents and students.

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